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Tauntin’ the Wiccans October 25, 2011

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Tauntin’ the Wiccans
By Mel Tatum
tto: Fishin’ for Chickens by Jeff Crossan and Jim Varsos

My brother showed me his secret fort
And taught me to play his favorite sport
The winner was the one who made a wiccan mad
We’d sit right there in the forest glen
And throw out insults now and again
And we’d hope for a night the wiccans went skyclad

Tauntin the wiccans, pokin and pickin
Tease one, Bait one, bully one, plague one
Dont matter just as long as the game’s won 
If Mama finds out, we’ll catch another lickin’
‘Cause Mama don’t like nobody tauntin the wiccans 

I remember last year on the night of Beltane
Me and bubba was playin’ our game  
I was winning this round when mama came flying thru the trees
She said cut that out boy, the circle’s not cast
it’s too late Ma, the demon done run past
The look on her face said i’d better get down on my knees

(Bridge:) Even though it wasn’t right,
Me and bubba side by side,
Out in the forest at midnight
Tryin’ get  a wiccan to bite.


I was sittin in the treehouse dozin’ a bit
When suddenly i felt my innards shift
I heard the priestess of the coven whisper my name
I thought of all the magic I’d seen
And then I thought of what she could do to me
And I decided it was time to rethink my part in the game