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Home Repair September 25, 2009

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Home Repair
by Mel Tatum
tto: Lovely Ladies (from Les Mis)

Sheets of plywood
waiting in the drive
stacks of shingles, roofing nails
and oh dear god alive

Brand new nail gun
but it’s on the fritz
clear the barrel, pull the trigger
I can’t find the glitch

Which way means the safety thingy’s on?

CHORUS: Project waiting,
hear the siren sing
power tools and shiny screws
and nuts and bolts and things
Fix thing mend that
do it all day long
save some money, have some fun
whatever could go wrong?
Hear the distant sirens wail their song….

Shower head, it
trickles and it drips
got a fancy new one, it
has six speeds, it’s a pip

Got a wrench, this
time I read the book
got a step stool and
some extra light so I can look

Sweetheart, did you turn the water off?


Ceiling fan, we
need one in the den
spent the bucks for turbo speed
so I will put it in

Get my tool box
measured, cut the hole
lined up the tools I’ll need
this time I’m on a roll

Did you turn the circuit breaker off?