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Number Four Privet Drive – with a NEW VERSE July 3, 2009

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Number Four Privet Drive
by Mel Tatum
tto: Don MacLean’s “American Pie”

WARNING SPOILER ALERT WARNING SPOILER ALERT – critical plot elements (and much of the ending) of book seven of the Harry Potter series are mentioned in this song – WARNING SPOILER ALERT

JK Rowling wrote a tale we’ll all remember,
of those wizards, witches, magic lore.
Harry, Ron, Hermione, adventures they were guaranteed,
and maybe they’ll be able to win the war

Professor Snape he made us shiver;
Lord Voldemort had us all a-quiver
The Dursleys were insipid;
who didn’t love that Hagrid?

The sorting hat said Gryffindor;
we met Headmaster Dumbledore
The crowds at Quidditch they did roar,
Beware the hidden door, So bye-bye,

Number Four Privet Drive, no more Harry,
We can’t tarry now the end has arrived.
Wave to Dumbledore, Fred Weasley, Hedwig, Mad Eye
Sobbin’ “can’t believe we’re sayin’ goodbye”;
thankin’ God that Harry survived

Hogwart’s teachers are strange ones
Who would be yor-or favorite one?
Sprout was Herbology,
or Sybill “crazy” Trelawney
Or Horace Slughorn could it be?
Or even that McGonagall maybe?

You should watch out for that Hippogriff,
and centaurs must not be tangled with
and those flobberworms, just eeeww;
hey, avoid those blast-ended skrewts!

Draco Malfoy, he’s a slime;
Crabbe and Goyle they are never far behind
Hey, Salazar Slytherin kind, soon it will go awry,
you’ll join us cryin’ bye-bye


Moaning myrtle has the clue,
you need a basilisk tooth,
to breath just eat gillyweed,
accio it is the spell you need,
see a patronus, dementors flee;
expelliarmus it is handy

And the dragon who-oo caused such flack,
she was a Norwegian Ridgeback
Viktor Krum was adored;
Bill loves Fleur Delacour
Look at Harry kiss that girl Cho Chang,
that was before he was betrayed
Now his attention is waylaid, by Ginny Weasley!
We were cryin’, bye-bye


Winky, Dobby are house elves,
SPEW said free them to be themselves
No, wait the trophy’s a portkey;
Tom Riddle killed Cedric Diggory
then he turned to curse Harry,
who flees, only to face the fake Moody

Unleashed, the dementors hunt him down;
Minister Fudge is a clueless clown
Defense Club, it was banned,
Death Eaters walk the land
The Dailey Prophet is deranged;
and thanks to Bellatrix Lestrange
With her curse everything did change,
the day that Padfoot died,
We were cryin’ bye-bye


Now they are back for another year
Potions class it will hold no fear
thanks to the book of the Half-Blood Prince
But Draco he’s fixed that Cabinet
the one in the Room of Requirement
it’s the start of some terrible events

Dumbledore he’s tracked a Horcrux down
thanks to skill and luck they did not drown
But their luck, it unwound
once back on Hogwarts’ ground
Harry is frozen and he can’t respond
Professor Snape he’s raised his wand
and then we heard those awful words
Avada Kedavra


Now Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff they’re grand,
as we prepare our last stand
Dumbledore is not here to lead;
His army’s ready anyway,
It’s all been building toward this day;
the Death Eaters gather meaning to succeed

In Hogwarts’ halls the war was waged,
Some warriors fell, yet the battle raged
Oh, God he just killed Lupin;
No, Tonks, what are you doin’?
And Neville Longbottom killed the snake,
the one who had killed Professor Snape
For his parents’ and for Harry’s sake,
No more Lord Voldemort, and we’re all cryin’ bye-bye


Number Four Privet Drive, no more Harry,
We can’t tarry now the end has arrived.
Wave to Dumbledore, Fred Weasley, Hedwig, Mad Eye
Sobbin’ “can’t believe we’re sayin’ goodbye”