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This Here’s Bon Temps July 2, 2009

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This Here’s Bon Temps
lyrics by Mel Tatum
tto: Master of the House (Les Mis)

This here’s Merlotte’s the local bar
We welcome all despite who you are
You must behave, that is our rule
No starting fights or wrecking the stools
And if you are wise
you’ll heed our advice
cuz some things may not be
what they seem to be

Shifter at the bar, vampire in a booth
Oh my god, I think that he just said forsooth!
It’s a little weird, knowing that he’s dead
knowing that he watched a French king lose his head
We’re a crossroads here in Bon Temps
Everything from Were to Fey
So do not be surprised
when you find that dog is not a stray!

Check out our barmaid, Sookie is her name
She is special in a telepathic way
Serving up the beer, handling the crowd
Pickin’ up their stray thoughts when they broadcast loud
Tara thinks her date is boring
Jason thinks he’s getting laid
No wonder she likes vampires
It’s because they have a quiet brain

Eric runs a bar; Pam she helps him out
Fangtasia is fun of that you cannot doubt
Look around the room, fang bangers galore
Who needs that New Orleans anymore?
We’ve got our own local vampires
That’s enough for us ‘round here
So keep Jean-Claude and Asher
Really! We don’t need them to appear!

His name is Bill, he’s back in town
it’s been awhile, he roamed around
they’re after him, his blood to drain
But thanks to Sookie, he is okay
Sookie’s head o’er heels
words they don’t convey
She really does not care
What her friends will say

[NOTE: skip musically to the last verse]

Sookie and the Vamp
Setting tongues to wag
You would think that no one here had ever shagged
Vampires are real, time to readjust
Southerners must let loose of their prejudice
Some of them are going mainstream
they’ve achieve a life long dream
They are drinkin’ that True Blood
Even if it tastes like crud!
You cannot deny that life in Bon Temps is forever changed!