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Whatever Happened To My Book? May 31, 2009

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Whatever Happened to My Book?
by Mel Tatum
tto: What Ever Happened to My Part? from Spamalot

Whatever happened to my book?
It was exciting at the start
now it ‘s quickly out of print and I’ve got nothing left to show

Writer ‘s block ‘s been here far too long
It ‘s ages since I wrote a word
this is one unhappy author, the muse disappeared and left her
there is nothing I can write, mind’s a blank
What ever happened to my book?

I’m so sick of publishers always giving up too soon
New York snobs, thinking writers are all loons
I’ve no Hugo, no award; My ox is truly gored
I’m constantly replaced by someone new, someone new
Whatever happened to my book?

I was a hit, now I don’t know
I’m with a bunch of wannabees, trying to write synopses
I might as well go to the pub, maybe they ‘ll put out some free grub
I need some new ideas and a new publisher
the momentum’s really snowballing downhill
whatever happened to my . .. I’ll call my agent, dammit . ..
What ever happened to my book?