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Time For A Change May 31, 2009

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Time For a Change
by Mel Tatum
TTO: Leaving on a Jet Plane & Thank God I’m a Country Boy
based on Lois McMaster Bujold’s Sharing Knife Series

All my bags are packed, it’s time to leave home; I’ve had enough of this West Blue
I cannot stay here on this farm no more; Before dawn breaks, I will be gone
Glassforge is waitin’, I’m hittin’ the road; Me and my babe will make our own way now.

Before the first day is out, my plans changed quite radically,
Mudmen and the malice kidnap me. That’s when I met Dag Redwing
My life will never be the same. It all looks different now.

[bridge to Thank God I’m a Country Boy]

Well life on the farm is still not for me, So Dag and I head out for Camp Hickory
wearin’ the cords that declare we’re married. It’s time to make a change.
This sep’rate kinda life is doin’ real harm, with some on patrol and others on the farm.
The growin’ plague of bogles is cause for alarm. It’s time to make a change

Well, Redwing n’ Bluefield we got a new mission
Me n’ Dag see a world in need of transition
Sharin’ Walker knowledge ‘gainst custom and tradition
It’s time to make a change

Atop gentle Grace and that blasted Copperhead; We set out down the road to see what’s ahead
We have information that we plan to spread; it’s time to make a change
When the day’s at end and the sun’s goin’ down; A nudge from Dag and there’s fire flies around
in the glow of their light, we chase the squirrels to ground; Thank God I’m a farmer girl

CHORUS (Twice through)