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Space Shuttle May 31, 2009

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Space Shuttle
by MelTatum
tto: Garth Brooks’ Rodeo

His eyes are bright and anxious; his turn is almost here
She’d give half the planet, just to change the way he feels
She knows his love’s on countdown; she knows his chosen path
But it ain’t no woman flesh and blood; it’s that damned old shuttlecraft

It’s moon and stars; it’s Venus and Mars
It’s the pull of a LaGrange Point
thrill of exploration, hope for civilization
that launches him off the ground
It’s “Roger Wilco, Mission Control, please tell us it’s a go”
It’s the tiles and O-Rings; the uncertainty
and they call the thing a space shuttle

She does her best to ground him, when NASA comes to call
but his need for space controls him, and her back’s against the wall
and it’s so long girl, I’ll see you, and she knows she can’t keep pace
You know a woman wants her astronaut like he wants his outer space


It’ll drive astronauts crazy; It’ll drive a man insane
Mission’s On. Off. Delayed again. An eternal waiting game
and a few short flights and one EVA are all he’ll have to show
For all the years he spent chasing that dream they call outer space