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Kirra and Donnal May 31, 2009

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Kirra and Donnal
by Mel Tatum
tto: Hey Donal/Strathmartin Brae/Love and Freedom
based on Sharon Shinn’s Twelve Houses Series

Kirra Danalustrous is my name.
Shapeshifting is my gift.
I can morph from bird to cat to mouse
Mold nature as I wish

Where’s Kirrra? There’s Kirra –
Soaring aloft, a hawk.

From wolf to dog and from fox to bear
I run, stalk, lope and fly
From North to South and through peace and war
You’ll find me at Kirra’s side.

Where’s Donnal? There’s Donnal –
Asleep on the hearth, a dog.

People hate what they don’t understand,
they fear what they do not know.
They seek what protection they can find,
that’s why they wear moonstones.

Where’s Kirra? There’s Kirra –
She’s over here, a hare.

While Casserah keeps the homefront safe,
we serve Gillengaria.
We all must learn to co-exist,
if we are to succeed.

Where’s Donnal? There’s Donnal –
He’s over here, a bear.

Where’s Kirra? Where’s Donnal?
Shapeshifters change about.

There’s Kirra, There’s Donnal,
Shapeshifters there’s no doubt.