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Goodbye, Elves! May 31, 2009

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Goodbye, Elves
by Mel Tatum
tto: Dixie Chicks’ Goodbye, Earl

Magic Middle Cookies were a much loved snack, fav’rite kid memory
Yummy and uncommonly good, baked by elves in a magic tree
several years ago, friends and I went out, walkin’ down memory lane
We all searched up and down the store and could not find those snacks

In one short week, we raised an army; boomers signed up, seeking those treats
We got our grid assignments, divided the stores, and set off to hunt for sweets

After a long dismal month with no good results, we finally had to admit defeat
Nowhere in this country are there Magic Middles; no memories for us to eat

Battalion in retreat, withdrawal setting in, clutching us tightly in its fist
With DT’ing hands, desperation set in and it didn’t take long to decide –
Those elves had to die

Goodbye Elves!
Magic Middles, they tasted all right to us
Elves you’re feeling mean, that forces us to vent our spleen
Elves, Ain’t it dark trapped there in that bark, Elves!

Keebler came by to save the Elves; they searched the trees near and far
then they shrugged and grinned and said “About damned time for that Ernie to retire”

Well the weeks went by and snack cakes took over, those elves faded from memory
And it turns out Keebler had been supplanted by yum, Little De – ebbies

So we all went back home, back to our real lives, raising kids and packing lunch
We send marshmallow pies and those zebra cakes
And we don’t lose any sleep at night, those Elves had to die!