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Friends in Cubicle Mazes May 31, 2009

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Friends in Cubicle Mazes
by Mel Tatum

tto: Garth Brooks’ Friends in Low Places

Blame it all on Dilbert or maybe Catbert or the boss with the pointy hair
The corporate culture, a great black vulture, will devour your soul, now despair
And there is no escape, might as well hang the crepe
It’s “yes, sir” and “no, sir” and “please”
Time to take stock, no longer watchin’ the clock, on office work I sneeze

‘Cause I got friends in cubicle mazes
Where the workers drone with empty gazes,
counting the days, with never a raise
And the vast sea of red tape amazes,
“Synergy” “right-size” bureaucrat phrases
Oh I got friends in cubicle mazes.

The boss is stupid; he’s just a pig, but, hey, so’s all management
They run meetings and shuffle seating, and the drones just sit there and squint
the meeting will end, then we can expend our efforts in doing real work
For us to succeed, we’ll need a diversion, for distracting the boss