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And the Filk Goes On May 31, 2009

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And the Filk Goes On
by Mel Tatum
tto: Garth Brooks’ The Thunder Rolls

Three thirty in the morning, fewer souls inside
the filk room’s lookin’ like a ghost town on a con-less Friday night
Circle’s doing chaos, there’s a man tunin’ up
He’s takin’ his new chord change where he should never try to sing
And the filk goes on, and the filk goes on

Every light is burnin’, in all the other rooms
they’re pacin’ by the telephone, griping, whining gloom and doom
waitin’ for security, hopin’ they’ll be quick
Praying for some peace, so they can get some sleep
And the filk goes on, and the filk goes on.

And the filk goes on, and the music soars
another man feels dread for a sleepless night
As the filk goes on into the morn, deep in their books, the filk goes on

She’s waitin’ in the doorway when security arrives
She rushes out to complain, ready with a bribe
But from the filk room a strange new song breaks out
excitement flashes ‘round the room as the debut song unfolds
And the filk goes on, and the filk goes on


She runs back down the hallway, to her bedroom door
She reaches for the guitar kept underneath the desk
Tells the men from security, they need not come again
Cause tonight won’t be the last time the filk goes on til dawn